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Some media figures in attendance included April Ryan and Al Sharpton.Kathy Griffin's neighbor war is so intense now, she's run to court to get protection from him -- but fears some serious consequences for doing so.However, in spite of these controversies, Kathy’s comedic and acting career has continued to enhance her popularity as well as enrich her.She has continued to release comedic albums while remaining in the controversial limelight.The 1990’s saw Kathy taking up minor roles in various film productions.From being a reporter on the TV program , starring alongside Brooke Shields.

S cannot be discussed without the name, Kathy Griffin popping up.

Hence, she persuaded her parents to move to Los Angeles to help her become famous at the age of 18.

At 19, Griffin attended a show of the California-based improvisational comedy troupe The Groundlings in Los Angeles.

Other celebs who attended included Shameless actor Steve Howey, gymnast Jordyn Wieber, former Disney actress and current White House intern Caroline Sunshine, Parkland survivor David Hogg, actress Madchen Amick, and comedian Michelle Collins.

Comedian Michelle Wolf was the emcee at the dinner and didn’t hold back in her remarks about the media and many politicians.

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