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He continued, "I'm waiting to decide how to release it [...] it's so much music and everything is so different.

So, it's a question of how to put it into the world and, er, I have some ideas to do it with [...] computer art and also make it like a game [...] I have so many stories that I have been writing [...] 4 musicals, if you like, which is music and songs and me talking about the story. So it's a large concept idea." We see here common repeated themes of a large backlog of material, and of uncertainty how best to release it and of releasing it in some unconventional digital way, involving a game or, in other interviews, an app.

I'm in my 70th year so I always believed that 70 is going to be a strong momentum for the next 20 years." In an interview for Inside Musi Cast published in May 2016, Anderson talked about how Invention of Knowledge is "my next step into my next life, my next 20 years of music".

In an early Sep 2016 interview, Anderson said: "I'm just chasing ideas that come my way a dozen or more it's endless.

I just need a few doors open." Anderson said in a Nov 2013 interview, "I think I'm working with about twenty different people at the moment, with twenty different projects." An Oct 2015 interview with Anderson said: I think the days of just going into a studio and making an album are not what I want to do anymore[.] I'm more interested in the adventure of free-form ideas.

I know it sounds crazy, but I like it when you're not quite sure what you're gonna do until you get on stage. I've got this project coming up next year [2017] which encompasses that, the idea that music is more important than how many sell, or even the charts [...] after a while you've gone through that experience, all you want to do is create music without having to worry if people are gonna hear it.

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The interviewer has raised Survival and Other Stories and how it was made through multiple online collaboration, to which Anderson said he has "5 hours of music", implying made in a similar way.On this page: Anderson/Stolt - A Thousand Hands - "Open", "Ever" and Survival & Other Stories - Album with Elias/Haun - Solo appearances - The Songs of Zamran: The Son of Olias - "Chagall" and other projects - He has multiple further projects on the go, many involving collaboration over the Internet.A Mar 2014 interview said, "Just this past week, he received new music from friends in Poland, Italy and New York." In another that month, he said he is working on "a lot of different things this year [2014].In a Jun 2012 interview, asked about arranging material for live work, Anderson had said: "If you try to do it like the band [Yes], then you've got to find a band [...] then you're pretending to be Yes, I don't want to do that." In a Jun 2011 interview, he had said: Ive had enough of bands. And I just thought, well, as long as they tell everybody who's in the band [...] and I'm not there and Rick's not there [...] for me, it's just a question of getting on with my life [] in fact, Ive started writing Yes music, which I never thought I would do, because when I was in the band, I would always save writing Yes music to...working in the band, but now Im writing some beautiful new music and, er, its very long-form ideas that Yes fans will love, and Im hoping to get a piece out maybe by summer time In the Oct 2015 interview, he said: "I never felt that I've left Yes. When we were very, very young as a band I realized that Yes is this thing above us. I'm always thinking Yes music, and the best of what Yes has done is still alive and kicking.

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