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The accessory muscle was excised from the FDS tendon and the accessory tendon was sutured end to side on the existing FDS tendon.

Postoperatively, the patient made a full recovery with reduced pain and significantly improved hand function.

The other clinical relevance of this is that the ring finger FDP usually supplied by the ulnar nerve was in this instance supplied by the median nerve.

However, significant functional problems have been reported in conjunction with these anatomical variations, including pain, compression neuropathy, digital triggering and stiffness.

Because of their rarity, their diagnosis is often delayed or initially missed.

Methods: Plain radiographs of a total of 150 wrists were reviewed by three observers.

The lunate types were independently evaluated twice using both PA analysis (Lunate Types I and II) and CTD analysis (Lunate Types I, CTD≤2mm; II, CTD≥4 mm; Intermediate, Others).

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