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I have clicked on a keyword in the Interests section so see if I could come up with people with that same interest.I clicked on very common words, yet the "results" had nothing in common with the word I clicked on.Maybe the more people that wouldn't replied, it would have gotten the website admins' attention and I may have gotten my Keyword Search.^^ You have no clue how this works. A message explaining WHY the interests entry was important is way more do-able and would be better served with no programming required.It doesn't matter if 1000 people posted wanting this. When people start posting here complaining about their search (your way) takes 20 minutes it would not be cool.This site was built mean and lean and thats why it works as well as it does with as many active users as it has a day.Cowboy You can search for multiple Interests by separating the keywords with a comma using POF's Advanced Search.I would suggest using it in conjunction with POF Basic and Advanced searches as well as using My Matches. It would be great if I could just keyword search shy as this is a good example of something that will not show under interests. Craigslist is one of biggest websites in the world and their keyword search works flawlessly in any category. for example, I find that I match well with other nurses and date people who are in polyamorous or open relationships....those things aren't interests and aren't typically going to show up as such..Gogle advanced won't filter by gender or location so is fairly useless as well.As far as time to search, it won't search millions, it will only search those within the distance specified; I'm not going to waste time having it search profiles in Wisconsin.

The best solution for now seems to be an advanced search on your requirements, then manually view profiles and spot people who seem to match your preferences.For example, if someone mentions they like Jazz music in the "About Me" section of their profile, I would like to be able to search for the term "Jazz" throughout a profile. So for example, say me and several others like scary movies. Probably because when you are filling out your profile, you see just one visible line for the "Interests" text box, and you see a nice big multiple line white square for your "About Me" description, which makes the user want to write more and more stuff about them in that section. Ya know, tt would have been nice if some of you other spectators would have posted in this thread instead of just viewing it!I might put "scary movies" in my interests section. Over 60 views in here and only me and Cowboy posted?!Clicking on an Interest link in a profile displays both men and women from the entire POF database worldwide.Google Advanced Search does offer keyword searching of POF. I am quite shy and really only match well with other shy people. Some things I may want to search for will never show up under interests.

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