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Many protect their woman as if they were protecting their mother, and when it comes Latino men, nothing is more important than their momma. All that Spice Who doesn’t want to have a night with William Levy? Still, Latino men are fiery, full of passion, and always want to take care of their women.

Unless you’re dating Justin Timberlake who’s “Bringing Sexy Back,” or Brad Pitt who is a loving and doting husband, you aren’t always going to get that sizzle with a white guy.

We avoid discussions on politics and religion because those differences tend to divide us, and this is a place of retreat and relaxation.

As friends, we share our family news, stories, hopes, dreams and disappointments. And we share ourselves and enjoy the company of others.

Honesty is a must, I have no use for liers or game players.

I appreciate your reading my profile and wish everyone the best of luck finding happiness.

This the front porch of the cyberspace home of Mickey Newbury and his friends. Please "pull up a chair", relax and enjoy the company of friends who share their love and admiration for Mickey's music and all of life's other blessings.Ultimately, I stuck to “my kind” and I am currently dating a Latino. Reserved When dating a Latino, there’s a level of intimacy that you don’t necessarily have when you’re with a white boy.WATCH: Ask Sujeiry: What to Do With A Guy Who Ghosted? They are affectionate, romantic, open doors and usually have manners.We have a custom profile class inheriting from Profile Base.We'd like to pop this object into Session to remove the need to keep retrieving it per request. NET State Server and we're hitting the following exception: Adding Serializable to our class didn't help.

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