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This same man looks almost exactly like the man pictured with Sam at the bar that was posted on a Brazilian Twitter page (green lights, otherwise very dark, Sam and a man sitting next to each other).

I'd drop the "almost," except lighting and camera angles make a positive ID tricky. This same man used to post very regularly on Sam's original Twitter account, then went almost completely silent after Sam started to gain some fame.

Comparison of pollen profiles and historic documents supplied three dated horizons: (1) a 1640-1680 rise in agricultural indicator at the time of settlement, (2) an 1800 decline in oak pollen with the initiation of the cordwood industry, and (3) a 1920 decline in chestnut pollen following the chestnut blight.

Pb-210 provided chronologies for the last 100-150-year sections of cores.

I have written about who i know and for what a couple of times here. I know it because coincidentally i am since 35 years in the LBTG world. And no big secret in the community."People who have met Sam:[quote]"In my opinion and what my gay friends say, who met him, he is a very nice adorable guy. Which have you to think, because he is born 1982, so Hippies time was already done.

To make a long story short: I have met Freddy Mercury in Munich at a gay bar, with his Muse Barbara Valentin. His father, who left the family, (and who gave him the genetic lottery gens), when he was two years old, was a Steiner school teacher. Talking about officially of "9 of 10" Steven Crees testicles and dick.

In the earlier days of OL, Sam gave a lot of interesting, thoughtful intervies not hiding his sexuality. Sam is gay and probably a bottom, and 55 years of my life and every day more are telling me, that I am right to spread this here,"Last posts.[quote]The Beard and Sam Heughan met and spent maximum 12 hours together in the same room since September 2017.[quote]Sam liked and RTed Duncan again....[quote] the SHAMzie Troll is trying to calm down her minions because her adored beard MM, is currently hanging out with this musician in San Diego, Ca...;):[quote]One more to add to the list of MM's guys during the two last years while -supposedly- she has been Sam's 'girlfriend'.... I'm of the opinion that maybe he was in his or someone's cups and posted it.......

Many UK fans I befriended early know it and shared that information.

Related: It’s no secret that Hollywood's representation LGBT issues and people is still lacking.[quote]Straightwashing is the assimilation of someone who is gay, lesbian, bisexual asexual or other to fit heterosexual cultural norms. Since September and the pap walk posted later, cause TB contract was finished nothing really significant happened. Marathons are quite the PR trend with staged romances.

Put simply, it’s the practice of portraying non-straight people or characters as straight.[quote]But more than that, staightwashing also perpetuates the idea that films or shows need to be made “straight” to appeal to a wider audience, which is rooted in homophobia. TB was spotted in Glasgow with him in a taxi line after flying in on a economy class Seat. R35[quote]Marathons are quite the PR trend with staged romances. Not TB posting anything about training for a Marathon. But do not forget, also he got older since his LA Marathon there years ago.

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He's almost 38, never married, no legit girlfriends though his PR team is pathetically pretending otherwise in SM. The bios that stated he was gay, have been scrubbed.

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