Legal dating age difference in oregon dating in uganda kampala

the good is that, I learned to love the right type of guy, the bad news is, I love the guy that I can't be with.

he brought up the subject about the age difference. All because he is 4 years older than me, if only he was one year younger.. But I guess it'd still be the same solution, because my god brother doesn't love me like that.

Back at school, in health class, I was told that you can not date anyone more than 3 years older than u... But I would have to wonder why a man who should be graduted from high school and either be in college or working, would want to date a 16 year old. sorry, but I'm being honest, it will not work and it is more likely he will be able to get over it a lot more quick than you because he is an adult, although him dating a girl your agemakes me question that. And thought that the feeling wouldn't be so hard to fade away. and i get to know him more and we were closer, i figured i can't lie to myself no more, i really love him. i love him more and more each day as a *lover love*, but to him.. And he tells me that we can't be together, because its not right. No matter if it takes 5 more years or even more than that.

if you date anyone more than 3 years older than u.. Hello Az: You know, in the law we don't pussyfoot around with words, and I'm not going to either. There are other, similar threads here that have links to the age of consent in various parts of the world. But as excon said, there is nothing illegal about dating a 20 year old, but there may be something illegal about having sex with him. Of course i know the law, but i keep on lying to myself, because i love him. I wonder if wenever I turn 18, I can finally change his mind?

Since it is presumed that your teacher or teachers are telling the truth, then I don't know why you would want to risk putting the 20 year old in jeopardy of going to jail because of having a relationship with you. This is only a partial answer, because I am hopeful that discussion concerning your situation will ensue beyond what I have written. There are a few people on this site who have very definite opinions as well as very insightful advice concerning your situation that will go beyond the knowledge and insight of the answer that I have given.

I would think that your teacher or teachers know the law because they are teaching it to you.

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