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When he is not scouring the net for tech news, you can catch him looking for life hacks and learning tidbits.

You can find him on Linked In & Twitter watching over the world.

You can select your refresh rate (lowest being 2 seconds) and watch a real-time feed of marine life.

This camera is located at a depth of 15 meters on the drop off at the dive site called “Something Special”.

Also, check out the time-lapse video to see the Olympic village is coming up.

You can hear the wondrous roar of the falls even before the webcam feed buffers and runs.

The remote webcam feed on the Panama Canal is a bit erratic at times as the frame rate is slow, but you can still make out the hustle and bustle at the lock gates (Miraflores & Gatun Locks).

Webcams are robotic eyes capturing our lives in frames. Remote webcams peeping into your lives may make you go all choleric, but when they point at some fascinating places around the world, they can make you gawk.

Real-time webcam feeds that capture unique events (or non-events) always prick our interest because there’s something in our psyche that makes us want to be voyeurs.

We return to Earth Cam and New York with this webcam looking over Ground Zero.

You can see the construction progress for the towers and catch a few sights like the Tribute in Lights.

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