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Induced abortion is the termination of pregnancy before 28 weeks.Unsafe abortion is performed by unskilled persons or in unapproved premises or both.European colonialism began in mainland Tanzania during the late 19th century when Germany formed German East Africa, which gave way to British rule following World War I.The mainland was governed as Tanganyika, with the Zanzibar Archipelago remaining a separate colonial jurisdiction.As participants noted, it is time to bring abortion 'out of the shadows' as was done with HIV/Aids.

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Information about the existing law allowing therapeutic abortion needs to be disseminated widely, and guidelines prepared and shared on performing safe abortion.

The situation: Tanzania has one of the highest maternal mortality ratios in the world (410 per 100,000 live births); 16 to 30 per cent of maternal deaths are due to complications from unsafe abortions.

Each year, 405,000 Tanzanian women have abortions, mostly hidden.

The most contentious fact to me is that 60 per cent of Tanzanian women with abortion complications do not receive needed medical care.

They are often denied their right to medical services because of stigma and outright discrimination.

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