Livelink dating service

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They say that their service is used by thousands of people every day, proving that it is safe and real.

While the service is free for women to use, male members must pay for time packages in order to use the same service. The prices may vary based on your regional area, but in general a good guide is .99 for 90 minutes, .99 for 60 minutes, and .99 for 10 minutes.

The source systems were Livelink and Share Point 2007. This is how automating the migration from Livelink to Share Point online helped launch a new-and-improved intranet.

First we inventoried the existing intranet environments.

Structure, visible pages and documents, and metadata were combined into an inventory that was the starting point for the mapping process.

By treating customers as individuals, you can deliver huge benefits to your business and make a real impact on your bottom line.

The importer read the transformed XML and automatically created sub sites, pages, and documents in Share Point 2010.

How did the client benefit from our approach for migration from Livelink to Share Point Online?

We can help you to increase engagement levels, purchase frequency and transaction values through personalised campaigns by treating your prospects and customers as individuals.

Communicating when it its relevant and timely can deliver huge benefits to your business and make a real impact on your bottom line.

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