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Publishers are now offering the content found in traditional print loose-leaf services in different formats, including CD-ROM and online.Online “loose-leafs” are automatically updated by the publisher with no effort required by the library or the end user.An additional concern is the fact that pages of loose-leafs do go missing, either due to misfiling or someone taking the pages out to photocopy and neglecting to replace them.Again, staff and lawyer time is wasted trying to get copies of the missing pages.In some loose-leafs consolidated legislation makes up a significant portion of the publication.

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This subject guide contains an online lesson detailing the requirements for citing secondary materials such as books, journal articles, commentaries and legal encyclopaedias, as well as primary materials, such as cases and legislation.Worse, if a page should have been replaced but wasn’t, a researcher may inadvertently rely on information that is out of date or wrong.So, given these all concerns, what does the future of the loose-leaf look like?I’m so used to having loose-leafs in a law firm library that I hadn’t considered that they might be considered a novelty elsewhere, but it started me wondering: are loose-leafs going to become the legal library equivalent of the coelacanth?Legal loose-leaf publishing has been around at least since 1915.

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