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Other topics covered in succeeding weeks included the invasions of Celtic tribes and the influence of the druids.

Meyer finished his second course of lectures, 10 February 1905, with a lecture on old pagan Irish tales featuring Cuchulain and Táin Bó Chuailgne.

His growing and parallel interest in Celtic Studies led to strong ties with Ireland in particular and had a long association with various institutions in Cork and Dublin and later worked in the USA.

Meyer was invited, while he worked at Liverpool, to take the additional post of Mac Callum lecturer at the University of Glasgow.

He accepted this and delivered around 18 lectures at Glasgow over a three year period.

His first year’s series, on the theme of ‘The Celtic Church in Britain and Ireland’ commenced with a lecture in the Greek class-room, 18 January 1904.

By December 1899, An Comunn Oiseanach, together with the Free Church Celtic students’ society presented a petition to the University Court demanding action on the matter of the Celtic lectures.

He was the author of a number of scientific articles and books including (6 Vols., London, 1918) and (with Makita Goto), ‘The Electrification of Air by combustion’ (1889).Maclean was also an active participant in various societies in Glasgow including Comunn Gàidhlig Ghlaschu.The prominent Celtic scholar, Kuno Meyer (1858-1919) was a native of Germany.This logjam was weakened, although not completely removed by the bequest left the University by the in 1893.Mac Callum’s will stipulated that a Celtic lectureship be established and left monies to that end.

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