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NOTE: As indicated above, applicants from India, Malyasia, Philippines and Singapore must hold a degree in English studies and have a teaching license from their home country.

Since 2010, universitiy/college diplomas require an apostille.

(Criminal-check records are also required for C4 visa candidates who plan to work in English language camps here for less than 90 days.) INTERVIEW AT KOREAN EMBASSY/CONSULATE: Applicants are required to appear for a personal interview at the nearest Korean embassy or consulate in their home countries, with some exceptions such as, for example, mission location distant from applicant's location.

So all the old material will be left here for archival purposes, with comments turned off.There is no immigration regulation preventing the issuance of an E2 (or E1) visa to people in those age groups.And although many employers do prefer younger teachers, there are jobs for the older teacher with hagwons (private institutes) and universities.Requirements for applicants from these 4 countries are stricter than for the original 7 countries in that in addition to holding a Bachelor's degree or above, the degree must be in English studies and they must have a teaching degree/license from their home country.(Editor's Note: K4E has learned that immigration officials have told a school in the Seoul area that there are no such new regulations.) ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS: The primary academic requirement for an E2 Visa is a completed Bachelor’s degree in any field.

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