Marriage is the new dating

My problem was that I subtly treated each new relationship — each marriage — like a mini-marriage. The men or women we date are not a series of lab experiments that prepare us to be a better husband or wife.The relationships are real relationships, and the people are (most likely) someone else’s future husband or wife.But as time went on, the habit of surprising one another may have faded away.It's time, Masini says, to work surprises back into your schedule.

If we are honest with ourselves, we will admit that the liberties many of us take in dating are more likely to harm our future marriage (and our significant other’s future marriage) than they are to prepare us for marriage.

God prepares us for marriage in a thousand other ways that are not spring-loaded with the risks, obstacles, and difficulties of dating.

For example, far better than experimenting with romance and intimacy for ourselves would be to spend lots of time with marriages we respect and admire.

"Dating is what brought you to marriage, and so dating in marriage is important to keep the love alive and the commitment strong." Here's how to do just that.

Getting it on doesn't mean you're getting it good.

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