Mashable location based dating

Ideas to create a location based app for such things as ATM’s, finding one’s car in a parking lot, movies and concerts, fitness centers or jogging paths – the possibilities are endless – are generated every day.And developers are busy creating custom location based service apps for people with these great ideas. Location based services applications are not just for those of us trying to find places and people.Of course, these have been in the form of location based service apps for both Android and i OS devices.This was a natural outgrowth of the technology, because users want more than just directions and restaurants, and they want information on the go.Get real-time updates on traffic conditions from both the app and from other drivers in the same areas. Here is a social/match/dating app that also uses geo-location. You will be notified when someone who is also a Happn user you have encountered before is close by.The app will also inform a user of detours, construction, accidents, and more. The app will locate the cheapest prices within the location area or route. If this someone is a person you would like to see again, another encounter can be arranged.This app relies heavily on users informing other users, and so far, it is working very well, along with app editors (actually users) who are continually revising conditions and sending them. If, on the other hand, it is a person you wish to avoid, you will be able to do so as well.Users also have options to upload profiles, to be viewed by other users, unless they choose to block that information, which can be done.

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Sometimes, all you need to do is take a step back & return when you’re ready.

City Hour This app, developed by, is a combination business-social app that will allow users to network and connect with other business professionals, based upon where you and they are and commonalities that you may have.

You can refine your searches based upon professions or industries, or any other criteria you choose.

You can also turn off Apple's location-based ads on your i Phone, i Pad, and i Pod touch.

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