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The actor never really tried all that hard to conceal his personal involvement with Halls.

Although it hasn’t been public knowledge that Bomer and Halls tied the knot until now, the pair have a famously committed relationship, complete with children together. Kit is 8 years-old, and Henry and Walker are 6 year-old twins.

Aren't we supposed to believe the fantasy that one day our favorite actors will fall in love with us because they're all clearly very heterosexual? Besides being one of the luckiest men on planet Earth, Halls has made quite a name for himself in the PR world in Hollywood.

Well, obviously that's not the case, and my surprise at hearing about his marriage and family quickly turned to ~emoji heart eyes~ as I read the comments that Bomer made about his "secret" husband he'd been keeping so private throughout his career. He left his previous firm, PMK, when they merged with brand-PR agency BNC in 2010, and went on to start his own highly successful PR firm with some of the biggest Hollywood names as clientele.

At the time, the public was unaware that the two were actually married.

Bomer’s announcement wasn’t exactly a shocking revelation to many, however.

Potem zastąpił aktora Gregory’ego Burke’a i wcielił się w postać Bena Reade w operze mydlanej CBS Guiding Light (2002-2003) oraz pojawił się jako Ross w serialu Fox Television Gorące Hawaje (North Shore, 2004).Bomer actually met Halls because he worked as his very own publicist.Halls currently works for a firm called Slate PR, which is run out of Los Angeles, California. Although the most ardent Bomer enthusiasts might be a little sad to hear that one of their favorite dark-haired Hollywood hunks is happily wed and unavailable, they surely wish the couple a lifetime of wedded bliss, too.So I did what any self-preserving 14-year-old would do—I signed up for the school play and also the football team to cover my tracks." As E Online is reporting, the 34-year-old actor -- who was praised by lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) advocates for subtly acknowledging his sexuality in February -- went on to note, "When that happens, when you aren't allowed to speak about who you are, one of the most authentic parts of who you are, which is who you love or who you're attracted to, feels invisible.GLSEN gives visibility and authenticity to kids all across the country." Pink News reports that Joe Manganiello presented his "Magic Mike" co-star with the award.

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