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Inheritance of characters in maize follows Mendelian Law . Importance of a knowledge of the laws governing the transmission of characters 160 122. The author is indebted to the following, among other gentlemen, for valuable assistance or contributions. Horsfall of Aliwal North, and the chapter on the construction of silos by Mr. Morrison Hay, of the Public Works Department, Pretoria. Much valuable informa- tion has been obtained from the writings of Professors T. The information on milling has been supplied by Mr. For the viii PREFACE chapter on maize and maize products as stock food, the author has drawn largely upon Feeds and Feeding, by Professor W. Henry, from whom he once enjoyed the privilege of a valuable course of lectures. Mally, Government Entomo- logist, Cape Town, whose work in investigating and fighting the pests of the maize crop, while stationed at Grahamstown, is well known and highly spoken of by Eastern Province farmers. Much of the information on insect-pests has been furnished by his friend, Mr. Much of the infor- mation on the use of maize-harvesting machinery in America, has been taken from a bulletin specially dealing with the subject by Mr. To many kind friends and correspondents the author is indebted for the native names in use in different parts of South Africa ; and to Mr. GOVERNMENT AGROSTOLOGIST AND BOTANIST, DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE UNION OF SOUTH AFRICA WITH FRONTISPIECE AND 245 ILLUSTRATIONS LONGMANS, GREEN AND CO. He has endeavoured to adapt it to the needs of (i) the farmer; (2) students in the Schools and Colleges of Agriculture ; (3) teachers in the country schools who are endeavouring to interest their pupils in Nature Study.

Innes, Director of the Union Observatory, Johannesburg, for much valuable information on climatology. (Stanford), and to his wife, for patient and careful revision of manuscripts and proofs, without which it would have been impossible for him to have prepared the book for publication in the limited time at his disposal. Splashed purple colour of the aleurone layer 179 135. Inheritance of characters which affect the growing plant . Difficulties encountered in studying inheritance in maize . Improvement in yield by use of first-generation crosses .

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