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Europeans on our continent also have an obligation to know of the savage crimes of their ancestors on our continent.

The European's ("Americans", Miami Cubans, Mexico City Criollos, and other "whites") colonial propaganda machine teaches us "American" history, European history, a diluted and distorted version of "Mexican Independence ", a vendido-Latino-Hispanic version of "Chicano Studies", the dead-end Argentine-Cuban "Che Guevara Studies" and anything else that will keep us away from understanding the secret and forbidden history of our Anahuac nation's accomplishments, our ownership of this continent, and the monstrous crimes that the Europeans have committed against our people.

It will clarify our true Nican Tlaca (Indigenous) identity and our collective ownership of this whole continent.

These terrorist crimes have continued against us non-stop for over 500 years.

The opposite of apology has happened, in that we are told to stop "dwelling on the past".

We are told that we should "get over it and move on".

This occupation of our continent is not a permanent condition.

We can change the colonial slave condition of our people!

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