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Rylie Puts on a Cam Show for Her Hubby and Gets Fucked Rylie's husband Hunter has reached a new level of frustrating humiliation: she won't even let him in the room to watch while she stuffs her lover's giant black cock into places Hunter's tiny white dick could never reach.

He gets to look forward to licking the spunky remnants of her hot fuck session as they drip out of her when she gets home; it's not a total loss for the poor boy!

She managed to make it through college without finding a couple men intrepid enough to satisfy her curious longing.

When she married, she had finally resigned herself to only ever being able to see this particular sex act on the internet.

Suddenly, a thought occurred to him: why should she be the only one to have a spot of fun this afternoon?

He knew for a fact that he'd be batting clean-up at the end of the game, so why not have a spot of fun before work?

But Eden's a modern woman; she makes sure that she's not the only one sucking dick to stay off the streets by forcing her husband to gag on some long cock, too!

Jennifer's husband has always fantasized about watching his wife with another guy, so when the opportunity presents itself, he jumps into the closet to watch Jennifer ride some hot cock.

He watched in silence as she shoved the other man's tube steak down her throat.Right up until her husband's lips ended up locked around another man's dick, that is.She looked on with disbelief at first, but quickly concluded (quite correctly) that her husband was a sissy in the first degree. Paris Marie in Forced Bi Cuckolds Now that Jerome has met his wife's lover, all he wants to see is her sucking that big black dick.Armed with that knowledge, she found herself free to do as she pleased. Unfortunately for him, he gets a little too carried away for his own good and suddenly finds himself on the receiving end of that ebony cock.Paris doesn't mind seeing her husband choke on cock, just as long as Jerome remembers to put it back in her pussy where it belongs when he's done!

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