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Nixon and Sharpe trawl through Bradford's history and discover that she has been lying.When Bradford moves Kane out of range of the TSG probe, Okaro authorises TSG to force entry into the boiler room.

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Storylines featured in this season include the departure of PC Cathy Bradford, after being uncovered as the murderer of Tanya Kane; the return of PC Des Taviner, who kidnaps PC Cameron Tait at gunpoint after discovering that his baby girl died whilst in Cameron's care; the departure of PC Nick Klein into witness protection after becoming the prime target of crime boss Dennis Weaver; the return of ill-fated ex-sergeant Don Beech, who concocts an elaborate plan to break out of prison and reclaim a haul of stolen diamonds; the death of PC Kerry Young at the hands of the Sun Hill sniper, who turns out to be none other than PC Gabriel Kent; and a long-running storyline involving the arrival of a crime family, the Radfords, who have history with DC Rob Thatcher - whose father died after being shot by Len Radford during a security van raid.

However, during the obbo, he escapes with £15,000 of the Met's money.

Meanwhile, Kane is struggling to cope with the fact that Bradford has abducted his children.

The station is evacuated, and the TSG arrive to provide support.

Bradford's stories become increasingly unbelievable, as she tells Kane that she was abducted by a serial killer as a child.

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