Mobsters updating page

* Must contain controls for all features both existing & new. * Store login in cookie (Remember Me) * Store session in cookie * Upgrade save/reload function to be single click * Add target or boss seemlessly, move up or down with the click of a button.

Mass Murder (Auto-Hitlist): * Needs to be completely redesigned, including an updated login system with form submission and javascript login options.

* Needs to be able to store & display (on mouse over, etc.) notes on a target that can be updated from the "Admin Center".

* Needs to calculate "Total Stats" including (but not limited to): - Total Targets - Total bounty amount (of all targets) - Total cash spent via Mass Murder (Both for the user logged in & in totality) - Total kills, fights won/lost, any other changes in stats Individual reporting for each target as well as the spreadsheet as a whole - Average Bounty, Cash & Deaths * Stats display tool should be redesigned to match the rest of the site.

* Flowthrough needs updating for usability/user friendly purposes.* Bounty hunter - with configurable level limits, etc.* Joomla Integration - should be used as the basic site design as we figure it'd be the easiest way to incorporate a CMS (open to other USER FRIENDLY options - No Drupal, the admin section is not user friendly at all) Leaderboard: * Stores system-wide usage stats displaying the first part of the Warlists URI responsible.* Upgrade login system to include multi-user access, sessions stored in cookies & easy management via Admin Center.Chat feature: * Tiny Chat integration is already in place, need an option to seemlessly switch between Tiny Chat and a XAT chatroom the client provides via the Admin Center (copy/paste embed code).

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