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And hey, you know who else used to spend a lot of time on the bench? The slow fade is a sometimes-controversial hybrid between benching and ghosting.

While it doesn’t carry the “dropped off the face of the earth” shock of a ghosting, it has none of the carrot-dangling and hints of interest of benching.

Kittenfishing is so-named because it is essentially “catfishing lite.” Whereas catfishing is the practice of creating an entirely fake person to engage with someone while internet dating, kittenfishing is when a mobile date-seeker presents a version of themselves that does not come close to lining up with reality.

Very old or heavily edited photos, lies about height or background, and “farming out” conversations to others are all elements of kittenfishing, according to an article from dating app (and purported authority on the topic) Hinge.

Originally, shipping was known as “being a supportive friend who cares about the happiness of others.” Cuffing Cuffing Season: a frenzied relationship version of the NFL Draft or TV Pilot Casting Season.The show fade is a protracted but deliberate communication fade-out.railed against the slow-fade: “If you’re not interested in me, please, for the love of god, just say so.Plenty of new words have entered the lexicon as a result of online dating.We now swipe right on things we like, people become “Facebook official”, and some of us have to endure the horror of fuckbois texting us.

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