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Just last year, police interrupted Ulaanbaatar’s Equality Walk and harassed participants.

The previous November, one of the most prominent trans men in Mongolia, Anaraa Nyamdorj, opened the now-defunct gay bar, 100%.

At the time, hate crimes were not recognized under Mongolia’s Criminal Code and the case was dismissed.

Anaraa waged a three-year battle alongside local colleagues and the National Human Rights Commission against state authorities to register the LGBT Centre, Mongolia’s first and only LGBTI human rights organization.

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To ensure that the police understand the law and apply it properly, the Centre will be training the police on what hate crimes are, how to recognize them and the kind of assistance hate crimes victims require. Zorig believes d.d/h.z and Mongolia’s LGBT Centre have “big synergy”: as legal reforms beget social détente, those in the community “feel free and safe to go out – or come out.” Zorig thinks the bar’s visibility “made the straight community understand that these people are not monsters.The first, City Life, lasted just one fun but lonely summer in 2004. LED disco lights fling primary-colored-flecks on the revelers.Zorig even recently set up an LGBT Corner message board (and three dildos) to “make the message wide and open.”Fewer than 18% of Mongolia residents have internet access, and until recently, information about anything related to gay life was nearly impossible to come by. In the ‘90s, a famous and grisly incident disturbed the tiny country, when a Mongolian pop singer who was rumored to be gay was found beheaded in his apartment.Like Hanzo, the bar attracted grateful clientele seeking a safe haven, along with opposition.In February of 2012, Anaraa’s sister’s ex-boyfriend stormed into the bar and punched him in the face, fracturing his eye socket.

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