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After our descent, we’ll be taking things much easier for the rest of the day on the saddles of our bikes.

Early afternnon we reach the splendid Begnas Lake Resort, where we have the chance to dip in the lake over a cold beer.

Nepals best ayurveda resort invites for massage session. 100 km Relax at the Begans Lake, after breakfast our bikers can look forward to plenty of amazing scenery, sparse traffic, breathtaking views, and scratching a curve or three on a 150-km tour on a new, little-used mountain road leading up to the western edge of the Annapurna massif at Baglungh.

The Nepal motorcycle tour route guarantees tremendous views of some of the world’s most spectacular mountains, or enjoy an outing on a rented rowboat with a spectacular view of the Annapurna massif, take a trip to a Tibetan refugee camp and visit its Buddhist monastery, and if you really can’t help yourself, go for a ride on your Enfield motorcycle. We’ll be cruising on our bikes through lush valleys to Lake Phewa and Pokhara.

The view through the dusty windows will leave no doubt that we’ve arrived in a completely different world.

Bikers will certainly feel a step closer to enlightenment on this road.

We’ll be reaching Thansen (1,500 m) in the afternoon.

For dinner, we’ll be sampling Nepalese specialties in the historical atmosphere of the Naglo West beer garden.

We'll be staying at Hotel Srinagar, the best place in town, located above Thansen with a spectacular view of the soaring 8,000-meter Dhaulagiri. 130 km From Thansen, we’ll be descending through rocky gorges to the tropical Terai plain.

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