My girlfriend is dating another guy

Then recently she told me that she in so in love with him n has also made love to him n she loved the love making experience with him and never felt that way with me,, after wot all she has told me, I don't feel like eating, I have sleepless nights, I cry all day, just feel like commiting suicide.Recently I discussed the same with a friend of her's who is my friend as well and when she tried to explain things to her n convince her to get back to me, she said all bad things to her about me n told her that she was in deep pain with me,, The next day she (my gf) called me n said all bad things to me n even abused me but then on the same evening called me and apologized for wot all she said.

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Looking for certain subtle hints in the things she does, the things she says, and the way she acts can help clue you in to her true feelings.

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Hi, iam 24 and have been in a very serious relationship for 5yrs, I was 19 and my girlfriend was 18 wen started dated, we just met at a mall randomly and were complete strangers, she came to me and complimented me and then we met for a couple of times and used to be in touch over the phone and we started dating after 2 months of our first meeting,, gradually we got really close to each other emotionally, mentally and physically,, over a period of time we got so serious that we were ready to even die for each other,, it was a wonderful journey n then after about 3.5yrs she met a guy at her college n started liking him n broke up with me for him,, I tried a lot to get her back but it was negative, she dated him for 15-20 days and then got back to my crying and asked me to forgive her for wot she did,, as I was so much in love with her, I accepted her back, and we were again happy as before,, we used to discuss about getting married n all,, we were very very happy with each other.

Being unaware of her behavior patterns can leave you being caught off-guard.

It’s not always easy to tell when something is going on as some women are more adept at covering things up. She won’t tell you, but pay attention to her behavior and you will know when she’s cheating.

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