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Houmin Yan and Da Hsuan Feng say thanks to their knowledge and understanding of China and the Chinese, the people and government of Myanmar are better placed than their Asean peers to benefit from collaboration with Beijing, particularly in the belt and road scheme Hong Kong Chief Executive Carrie Lam Cheng Yuet-ngor’s presence at the 14th World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention in Yangon was a timely reminder that, among Asean members, Myanmar is probably the most proactive ­in participating in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative”. First, among all the countries that could help Myanmar grow, China appears to fit the bill best.For nearly five decades, Myanmar was essentially closed to the outside world, so its basic infrastructure severely lags behind the more advanced members of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, such as Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.Second, over the past two decades, China has been, with respect to technology and mindset, ready to work with other countries for ­mutual benefit. Even before Myanmar’s political transformation, Chinese industries, without any discernible strategy and mostly on a small scale, ­already occupied some 50 per cent of the weak Myanmese market.So the ­Chinese were already well prepared to collaborate with Myanmese partners, and did not have to start from scratch.The State Counsellor of Myanmar is the de facto head of government of Myanmar, equivalent to a prime minister. documented mass gang-rape, killings -- including infants and young children -- brutal beatings and disappearances.Violence broke out in the Rakhine state after security forces launched an operation against Rohingya Muslims, forcing at least 120,000 people, including women and children to flee and seek refuge in neighboring Bangladesh since Aug. Myanmar security forces are accused of using disproportionate force and destroying homes of the Rohingya. Rohingya representatives have said approximately 400 people have been slain in the crackdown.President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan spoke Tuesday with Myanmar's State Counsellor Aung San Suu Kyi over the ongoing humanitarian crisis involving Rohingya Muslims fleeing violence and persecution in the Rakhine state.

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The present government is aware of the country’s shortcomings, and had sought the ­assistance of Western nations, such as the US, Japan and those in Europe.He urged Suu Kyi to refrain from excessive use of force and show utmost sensitivity to protect civilians.Erdoğan also informed the Myanmarese leader regarding his talks with world leaders over the issue, including the U. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and Bangladeshi President Abdul Hamid.However, in Myanmar, most CCTV channels are available, especially CCTV2, the counterpart of America’ s CNBC, whose mission is to inform viewers about the Chinese economic and financial situation.Access to CCTV2 keeps the Myanmese ­well informed about the development of China.

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