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No surprise, really; the chain belonged to Lou Katz, enforcer for Roy Cohn and alleged killer of at least one of his own boyfriends.

The Townhouse is still there, although its restaurant has closed.

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The Uncle Charlie's on 37th was involved in the Bronfman kidnapping.It is the successor to The Regent East, which was at 204 East 58th Street, an address I committed to memory well before I had the nerve to walk in.The Regent East was down a few steps, and was loaded with hunting prints, club chairs, and had a piano in the back.And it was a time before big muscles and shaving every inch of the body were in vogue. I also remember a place called Pieces that I went to a few times. I used to like the Ninth Circle when I felt like wearing clothes, and the Mine Shaft when I didn't.I got kicked out of the Mine Shaft once for having cologne on, but I met some hot guys there. Sweaters worn over the shoulders and tied in a knot in the front, Gucci loafers and no socks and pleated khakis pants.

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