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But if you would have been fine with this had you known—if there was no reason for Mary to hide this LTR-of-sorts from you—the best way to prove that to her is by giving it your retroactive blessing.You're right, UITM: Mary shouldn't have hidden this from you.I don't want to keep bringing this up to her, but I am struggling with it. Upset In The Midwest I think you should get over it, UITM.Easier said than done, I realize, particularly with the twin burdens of anxiety and depression.So, yeah, stop answering that drunk girl's summonses.

I do not want to snoop and I want to trust her, but I am having a hard time with both.I hope that's not a problem." You would have dumped her on the spot, right? She didn't really have any interest in me except for the occasional drink; she just wanted to be friends. We drank a bit more than we could handle and slept together, and I thought we would start dating.She didn't want to stop, she didn't know how to talk about it, she hesitated, and... If there's nothing else—if no other shoes drop—give this your retroactive blessing. A few weeks went by, and she always had an excuse as to why we couldn't hang out.As for those erectile issues, SWAT, try having sex sober, earlier in the evening, and with someone who doesn't regard your dick as a consolation prize. I am a transgender man, and my girlfriend is a transgender woman, and we have hit a plateau.Intimate time is rare, communication is minimal, and although I care for her deeply, I do not like her as a person and no longer want to get married.

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