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Dutch girls really have to be strong and confident or else they will be walked over by the (native) Dutch males. Her next statement was that Dutch girls cannot smile or act friendly towards Dutch guys because if they do so these guys will almost always sexually harass these girls.Of course I was not like that she hastened to say, but because these girls did not know me well enough yet they acted like that towards me for self protection.She knows that they are in love with Y and we were recently talking about it.I told her how cold and unfriendly these girls were with me and this girl told me that that is normal.

She said that Dutch guys, especially in an office environment never accept their female co-workers as their equal.

I have never been particularly popular with the Dutch girls.

My problems were that I’m very average looking, not tall and quite shy. About 1.5 years ago I returned to The Netherlands because I was offered a great job here.

These girls are almost without exception only interested in guys from the so called minority groups in The Netherlands.

Black guys are the most popular (refugees from African countries and guys from Suriname and the Dutch Antilles etc.), followed closely by guys from the Arab groups (Moroccan, Turkish, etc).

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