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In a follow-up article, Roupenian explains how she was getting at the pressure women face to exit unwanted romantic situations gracefully: She assumes that if she wants to say no she has to do so in a conciliatory, gentle, tactful way, in a way that would take “an amount of effort that was impossible to summon.” And I think that assumption is bigger than Margot and Robert’s specific interaction; it speaks to the way that many women, especially young women, move through the world: not making people angry, taking responsibility for other people’s emotions, working extremely hard to keep everyone around them happy.

hi i'm halfway thru the cat person new yorker story and i'm taking a break to find a support group please help please send help i'm . not even done yet — darcie wilder (@333333333433333) December 10, 2017In the piece, Margot comes off as polite, a little narcissistic, and more than a little confused.Margot was tl;dr: We need sex education that focuses on pleasure, not just on risk.We need to create a culture of enthusiastic consent.And we need to talk about all of the nuances of consent in order to fix our broken culture. olivia newton-john) (@brosandprose) December 9, 2017Treisman said she hopes the piece might make people, “stop and consider what’s driving them in any given encounter of a romantic kind ...I think the fact that it’s generated this conversation has been a healthy thing.” After the fact, Margot puts off rejecting the man by saying she’s busy.

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