Nina dobrev dating ian somer yahoo dating singles

But that means that were he to break up with Nikki, not only could he get back with Nina – and gain endless publicity as a result – but he could also use his single-ness to launch his new brand, and hopefully, a film career.

It’s a silly way to go about the whole endeavor, but it’s not like Ian can go the traditional route – he’s not talented enough or young enough to coast by on his good looks anymore.

For whatever reason, the actor/actress being single gives the illusion to fans that they are somehow attainable [as IF], and also allows publicists and marketing people to take advantage of their single-ness to constantly link them to bigger names in the tabloids.

Whether or not this means Dobrev will come back as a vampire or a human is yet to be seen.He must grow in terms of personality, now [Ezequiel] Lavezzi and [Edinson] Cavani, with whom he played great, are no longer at his side."He had a great start to the season, then paid something with the injury.Despite the twosome publicly confirming their breakup just two weeks ago, the gossip site claims that the former on-screen turned off-screen couple are working to rekindle their relationship of three years."They’re both doing their best to keep it quiet," a source told the site, adding, "They’re not sure if they’re going to go back into full dating mode, especially since they’re still on good terms and don’t want to ruin their existing friendship."According to the report, Dobrev is reportedly on the fence about dating her CW co-star of four years.

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