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My dear I was afraid that you will take offence on me that I do not reply , I was afraid to lose my only friend , I was afraid that you can find another girl ,you are so nice and cute ,you are so generous and open ,so this would be easy for you . If you remember my last letter it was gloomy because that day I felt myself badly yet.I hope , I really hope that you will answer me because I need you .The scam seems to be run by a guy named Victor Apov with support from another named Dmitriy Sorochan.I found the "scam bait" through the Absolute Agency web site at profile ID A828075.

Seven of them described harassment or inappropriate behavior at Revelations Entertainment, a company he co-founded with Lori Mc Creary.

I inmediately became suspicious, since I have experience with scammers. As for the address, I am amazed even more than you, because it's really mine and I do not know why the Russian council has told you about such a strange thing with it.

But I followed her game and invited her to come to Costa Rica. I hope so, I will give you some information about how our agency works. After this letter, I wrote her several others insisting her to reply and never heard from her again. I would greatly appreciate your publishing this report for the benefit of all.

This "woman" is one of the most astute scammers of the many I've met. Just in her second letter she was madly in love with me. Sorry for delay, but I was working by your request. I've re-checking the person named Anja Mjagkaya, dob july 8, 1978. This person is not present, so she can't be a design student at the University. I can't find person named Anja Mjagkaya, dob 07/08/78 in Sverdlovsk (Ukraine) Her home address "ap29 building 60A Proletariata, Don Bassa Block" is UNREAL. Maybe that's why I've told you that I am in Sverdlovsk.

I am Louis, architect, beach hotel owner in Costa Rica, early 50's. She said she was studying design at the University. I have a Granny in Lugansk and I spoke from the tell of my friend.

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