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The EU has already confirmed that access to the single market would be impossible without the UK remaining in the customs union.The Government has already begun trying to woo foreign leaders into prospective trade agreements, with various high profile state visits to China, India and Canada for May, and the now infamous invitation to US President Donald Trump to visit London.However according to new reports Germany has suggested allowing trade on the condition that the UK continues paying into the EU budget even after the transition period.Mr Rees-Mogg also criticised the cabinet’s decision to agree a “backstop” option that would see Northern Ireland maintain the same regulatory system as the rest of the EU customs union for a “time-limited” period if no deal is reached to avoid a hard border.Since the referendum there has been hot debate over the meaning of Brexit: would it entail a full withdrawal from the existing agreement, known as hard Brexit, or the soft version in which we would remain part of a common customs area for most goods, as Turkey does?No 10 has so far insisted that “Brexit means Brexit” and that Britain will be leaving the customs union, but may be inclined to change its position once the potential risks to the UK’s economic outlook become clearer.

If you are more in the mood for steamy sensual chat, jump in the Hot Tub where the water is hot, and so are the people in it, members of the free adult dating site.He said: “That’s a real problem because the customs union on its own does not solve the seamless border issues require regulatory alignment as well, and that means the single market.However the UK cannot make trade agreements with another country while it is still a member of the EU, and the potential loss of trade with the world's major powers is a source of anxiety for the PM.The EU has said the UK cannot secure trade deals during the transition period.

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