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I also have no time for fools and little time for the false crap we're all supposed to pretend we haven't noticed, or the games we're supposed to play.I will 'bite the hand that feeds' to remind it why it feeds.All photographs are 6.5 (old Fuji), 8.3 (Samsung) or 16 (new Nikon) Mpx, and most will blow up to greater than screen size if you hover on them and click.However I've noticed some of the older images aren't enlarging, this is probably a Blogger/Picasa/date/traffic/auto-archive thing?It seems like everybody’s got an opinion about the Samoan tattoo – who should be getting them, how they should be given, how they’re meant to be worn or displayed, etc. While tattoos in general are very popular, Polynesia is often credited as the origin of this kind of body art, and as Samoans, we feel a certain obligation to the craft that is such a huge part of our cultural heritage.A few years ago, I took an advanced Samoan language and culture class with the late Afioga Tofaeono Tanuvasa Tavale.The story is beautifully preserved in the traditional, chant-like song: O le Vi’i o le Tatau Samoa.Says the song (a loose translation): This is what we know of how the art of tattoo came to Samoa Two women (sisters) swam across the deep ocean from Fiti They carried a basket with them (filled with tatau equipment) and repeatedly chanted the song: ‘Only women receive tattoos, not men’ The reason men receive tattoos today is that their song was sung incorrectly They arrived to the coast of Falealupo and encountered a huge faisua They dove into the water for it and when they surfaced again they began singing that it is men who receive tattoos and not women This song, which continues on to talk about enduring the pain of a tattoo for the sake of pride in your culture, is a great way to begin learning about tatau, but Tanuvasa taught us that it only tells a very simple version of its true, often controversial origin story.

I hate ignorance, when it can be avoided, so I hate the 'educational' establishment and pity the millions they’ve failed with teaching-to-test and rote 'learning' and I hate the short-sighted stupidity of the entire ruling/industrial elite, with their planet destroying fascism and added “buy-one-get-one-free”.

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I have now found out how to switch-off the slide-show thingy, so just clicking on the photographs will open them on a whole page where most will then enlarge further with another click - if the cursor is in a 'plus' sign.

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