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Morevill forfeited the lands in 1173, according to Early Yorkshire Charters: “…

not apparently for his participation in the death of Becket, but for complicity in the rebellion of the young Henry.”.

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The particular siting of Knaresborough may well be due to the easily defended location – the castle remains stand on a rocky outcrop 120 feet above the river.

Ancient Britons gave the Nidd its name over 2000 years ago, although very little evidence of iron age or subsequent Roman occupation remains.

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In 1211 the revenue came to £318, 19s 3d (Early Yorkshire Charters).Here you will find explorations of many aspects of Knaresborough history and the people who have made it such a fascinating place.A further collection of historical accounts with the accent on individual stories is available here via the button.If you are subsequently accepted for a Tesco Bank credit card following a manual review of the application, to claim your cashback you will need to 'verify' your sale by confirming your full name, date of birth and the first eight digits of your Tesco Bank credit card within your Top Cashback account.The form to do this will be available via your 'Account Overview' page once your initial sale has tracked.

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