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It asks you early in the process to identify ten factors your partner should have (Must Haves) and ten you don’t want (Can’t Stands).

If you don’t come up with ten before e Harmony starts making matches, they’ll ask you to complete the process as you work through your first match. First e Harmony suggests some matches, and then you and your prospective match view each other’s profiles.

Some people like that, and I’ve talked to others who are leery about it.

Based on early results (I’ve been a subscriber for one week), I like what I’m seeing.

For others who are having trouble finding success with e Harmony, I feel that a more open approach to contacting (and responding to) people can help get the ball rolling.

None of what I’m going to suggest is earth-shattering so let me explain why I offer this advice: as with anything, using a service like e Harmony takes some “getting used to”.

Don’t judge every person you contact (or respond to) under the microscope of “Can I marry this person?

” It’s a little early for that kind of thinking if you’re still struggling to find first dates using the service.

e Harmony gets right down to who you are, so you’re not spending a lot of time coming up with a clever ID (I’m simply known as Dan there), a catchy headline, and an inviting description.In the beginning, you might feel uncomfortable on moving things to the next stage, you might be unsure of what questions to select to send to them or you might have no idea what to do once you reach open communication.Because of that, I recommend an approach that will hopefully enable my readers to gain comfort using the service more quickly by exposing themselves to more opportunities.The new approach helped me realize what was really important to me since I was meeting more women and it also helped me get more comfortable.Here’s the approach I ended up taking and what I recommend today: I suspect most people follow #1 and #2 but are far less inclined to consider #3 and #4.

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