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But while it often feels like dating apps are, as one woman put it, "playgrounds for emotionally unavailable, narcissistic clowns," almost most say the experience has been generally positive.("Two of the men I met on Tinder are now my really good friends.We were also interested in learning where young singles go to mingle and meet potential partners.We found that even in the age of Catfish castastrophes and Craigslist Killer casualties, more than 30 percent said they'd still be willing to meet someone online. It's a trick question because, yes, it has probably worked exactly one time: for that sporty couple that lived next door to the Griswolds in National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. But this is the year that I take the bullshit by the horns!

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("It's like they're trying to hide behind their hotter friends.") As for the guys, they're sick of seeing selfies with Snapchat filters. " read a message with two dozen pics attached.) The biggest turnoff for both sexes? Most men reported feeling like they were expected to send the first message, but women reported sending the first message about half the time. I don't know." Another woman said, "I think men think, 'I like my dick so much, why wouldn't you like a picture of my dick? You wouldn't smear your dick all over the Ark, so don't smear it on my phone.") A couple of women said rejection at the messaging phase triggered stalking behavior in a man, with one saying the stalking persisted for two and half years, and another reported being physically threatened by a neo-Nazi from Southaven.

Bad teeth, bad breath, and bad attitudes are the top turn-offs in a potential partner, according to the results of a recent Flyer survey of 100 30-ish and younger Memphians.

Lies, arrogance, and aggressiveness, along with open-mouth chewing and shrill voices made the list, too.

If my research proves true, divorced people are at a higher risk of being in another relationship very quickly. — Meghan Stuthard Treat Your Waitress Like A Human #Metoo is hopefully giving new guidelines on sex and consent to any man out there who might not understand "no" or "stop." But some of those same men need a sit-down about how they treat their servers. Tennessee restaurants can pay an hourly rate as low as .13. For clear answers on diner conduct, I turned to experts — Hooters girls. The lunchtime crowd at Hooters downtown last week was largely bearded, hard-hatted, or camouflaged. But lunchtime was usually pretty straight, I was told.

I'm following these rules, and I'm going to make dreams come true! To them, servers are Westworld robots built to serve, of course, but also to be viewed, and to, perhaps, hear of a lusty notion that crosses the mind.

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