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DEE will thus enable and ensure different agencies to share information among different geographically dispersed, organizationally diverse virtual groups more easily and more effectively.

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This source will be maintained by DMDC which stands for Defense Manpower Data Center. The persona data will be received through DMDC’s Identity Synchronization Services (Id SS).If you need help with common Do D Enterprise Email Issues, check out the DISA Enterprise Collaboration Management User FAQ or the Do D Enterprise FAQ Page.Additional information on the Enterprise Email Migration can be found here.However, all DEE access requires the workstation to be CAC enabled.The basic class service is 512mb mailbox while the business class service is 4gb mailbox that is archive-capable. The deleted items can be recovered through the ‘Recover Deleted Items’ feature, allowing the users to recover items that are permanently deleted. The calendars can be shared to other DEE users across the Do D as per needs basis.

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