Outlook ics calendar not updating

This is the only complication, as it's all too easy to add an event to the wrong calendar. To export events from Google Calendar you'll need to use the web version on a PC or Mac. Google recently updated the design, so if you're using the new version, click the three dots to the right of one of your calendars, then click Settings and sharing.

Click the drop-down menu next to the relevant calendar in the My Calendars section on the left and choose Calendar Settings. Now click Import & export near the top of the left-hand menu and you'll see an option to export all your calendars as a zip file.

First ask yourself if you really need to sync Google and Outlook calendars.

You might think you do, but there are several alternative approaches which might solve your problem.

This approach usually means that Google and Outlook calendars appear together in the same app.

We understand that it's useful to use multiple email providers, but when it comes to your calendar, why not just pick one and use just that?

It simplifies scheduling appointments and events and solves the sync problem instantly.

To do that, click 'Add calendar' then choose 'From file' in the menu and navigate to your Google Calendar file to import it.

On an Android phone or tablet, install the free Microsoft Outlook app from the Google Play Store.

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