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However, tasks also come to mind when I am taking notes in One Note.

At that point, I can flag a note paragraph as an Outlook task: I often take meeting notes in One Note.

At the next meeting on the same topic, I may also check the previous meeting notes page to see if all the action items were completed.

I can see that, because the task state of the flags is synchronized with Outlook.

One Note makes it very easy to organize all this stuff and keep it accessible.

For example, in the past week I've been collecting preliminary thoughts for this post in One Note. I add new ones to the To-Do bar, or I flag incoming mail as tasks.

Any ideas appreciated, I really miss the task functionality in Outlook 2010 for Windows.

You may have already found this answer from Microsoft, but in short - you need to enable Spotlight search.

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You may have to rebuild Spotlight's index, more info on how to do that here: This worked for me.

Here's what worked for me when my Outlook for Mac tasks disappeared one morning.

Even if I search for a the title of a task I've recently found I still can't find them.

After some Googling I found this forum thread that suggests it may be a problem with the Outlook database, which points to a Microsoft KB.

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