Pagan wiccian dating sites

The Celtic Druids were skilled in herbal medicine and magic; mistletoe was by far the most sacred of their magical plants.It grew amongst the branches of the sacred trees, seemingly without sustenance.The Shofar is a musical instrument, usually created from a ram’s horn (or that of any kosher animal), used by the ancient Hebrews in war and during events of special significance.

This ostentatious symbol served as a name for the musician Prince (Prince Rogers Nelson) for more than five years after a publishing dispute with his recording company (Warner Brothers) left him unable to use the “Prince” moniker- which happened to be his given name.Bundles of rods without a weapon were called bacilli, the emblem of the duumviri, magistrates without the power to pass a sentence of death. It was frequently used as a symbol of government, unity, and order.It was adopted as an emblem by Mussolini’s Fascist party during World War two, and is the origin of the word “fascist.”Today it is as likely to be used by neo-fascist groups as normative governments.“The center circle symbolizes God, truth, life, and light.Those four elements reach out or radiate from this origin to the whole cosmos in twelve directions.

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