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And just because the conversations you have within the messenger won't show up on your timeline, doesn't mean they can't or won't potentially be squirreled away by the company itself.

Just look at Grindr's April SNAFU where the company was caught sharing a host of sensitive data points, including users' HIV statuses, with other companies.

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It remains unclear whether you'll be matched up via an algorithm, which could conceivably help weed out the creeps, or it will simply give you a list of everybody in the group who also has an unlocked dating profile and matches some basic criteria.Now, this isn't to say that you shouldn't give Facebook Dating a shot when it is released later this year.Virtually all of the issues raised here are simply online analogs to the dangers folks face while dating in real life.When it was still only available on college campuses, the social site already served as an effective platform for flirting and hookups. Give them a poke, post poetry to their wall, like and comment on their posts -- the standard, and generally awkward, stuff young people do to get the objects of their affection to notice them.However, this easy connectability is a double-edged sword.

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