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Abraham, who is mom to a 9-year-old daughter, Sophia, split from her last boyfriend, Simon Saran, last April.

Often Hindu outrage is stoked by little more than rumours, such as deadly riots and vigilante violence over false claims that Muslims were killing cows that are sacred to Hindu culture.

Bede states in the fourteenth chapter of his Ecclesiastical History, in a discussion of an altar surviving from a church erected by Edwin of Northumbria, that it is located in ...regione quae vocatur Loidis (Latin, "the region which is called Loidis").

Decline in manufacturing during the 1930s was temporarily reversed by a switch to producing military uniforms and munitions during World War II.

Bernie the Gorilla seems to be the one animal that used practical effects to be animated and it just looks like somebody in an ape suit with superior puppeteering skills.

Rosario Dawson was the most surprising though since she has some really fantastic stuff in her resume.

Online dating services allow users to become "members" by creating a profile and uploading personal information including (but not limited to) age, gender, sexual orientation, location, and appearance.

Ironically, the movie's trailer shows no sign of an interreligious romance and depicts the Muslim king as brutish and evil.

But Bhansali insists the plot has no such love is dating Hollywood stuntman Aden Stay, she tells ET, gushing about how Stay hasn't seen her past drama play out on TV.

"[It's] truly a blessing to meet an amazing man who doesn’t watch my past shows or listen to untrue and negative press." "Between business and entertainment, we’re a great power couple," she adds.

I have had lots of crushes, but nothing serious,” revealed Varrier.

The death threats - against one of India's most popular actresses and a prominent filmmaker - brought quick backlash.“We have made this film very responsibly, keeping in mind the Rajput dignity and respect.

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