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Plus I mean you can always lose weight too after meeting someone.

My boyfriend's always liked me for who I was inside and out, i have been size 12 to 18.

I don't mind posting pictures (I have a full body shot up now, planning on posting another one too) but there's something about explicitly stating it that I feel invites people to fetishize my body. I am very confident and artistic in the way I dress (I am a professional stylist, so I love clothes and don't mind experimenting) so on top of showing my body, these full body shots will show off more of my personality too.

Also, it's just not in line with my personality (sarcasticish answers on there that show my taste and personality rather than just listing my traits)What people don't want is to see pictures of you when you looked one way and then you showing up and you look drastically different. The other thing is to carry yourself with self-confidence.

It occasionally gets a bit demoralizing and when that happens I take a break.

When I start again I try to remind myself that every match/date isn't going to lead to a relationship but all I need is for one to stick :)I'm also working out more regularly because aside from helping with my self image it just makes me feel really good. I have a tentative date set up for next week through OKCupid, and I do have it set to say "full figured" (I prefer that to the "curvy" option which can just be a thin girl with a butt, or the "little extra" or "more to love" options which really seem like jokes) but I am still scared that he will think I am "joking" about being fat, which I have seen tons of thin to normal guys put on their profile while trying to be funny. I have two points from a females pov If your happy as you are and even if you lost weight, where you are now is pretty normal, go with it but be confident.

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