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It is of great significance, as it proves the existence of a settlement that pre-dates the Saradominist city currently being excavated.

A horizon (topsoil) - Plants grow in this dark-coloured layer, which is made up of decomoposed organic matter mixed with mineral particles.

Voracious carnivores, a pack of adult workers can strip the flesh from a full grown camel in a matter of seconds, leaving nothing but a few bones and strips of fur for other scavengers to pick over.

They typically live in large nests marked by the rock hard pillars found in hot, arid deserts, such as the one south-west of Al Kharid, which rise out of the sands like the tombs of desert pharaohs.

Two distinct types of pottery have been recovered from the Dig Site, adding evidence to the two settlements on this site.

The red clay pottery appears to be much older and occasionally has purple Zarosian symbols, while the Saradominist artefacts are usually of a lighter shade with blue decorations.

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