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On March 9, 2017, a correction was made in the first paragraph of the sub-section entitled "Employment rate of mothers increases with age of the youngest child." The employment rate of women with no children under the age of 25 grew by 12.0 percentage points between 19, not 2.0 percentage points as was originally stated.Text begins Based on the Labour Force Survey (LFS), 82.0% of women in the core working ages of 25 to 54 years (6 million) participated in the labour market in 2015.It is global in reach and introduces a new, broader definition of what ‘personal information’ means.

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Conversely, an individual is unemployed when he/she is without work, but he/she is looking for work and it is available for work.

This reflects the erosion of "good" job opportunities for men, particularly for those with lower levels of educational attainment, coinciding with broader economic shifts, including technological advances, globalization and the transition from a manufacturing‑based economy to a service‑based economy.

Due to these converging trends, the gender participation gap—defined as the difference between the labour force participation rates of men and women—decreased from 75.5 percentage points in 1950 to 28.3 percentage points in 1983 and 8.9 percentage points in 2015.

There are three key measures of labour market activity: the employment rate, the unemployment rate, and the labour force participation rate.

In effect, the population is divided into three groups based on how they are related to the labour market.

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