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Between September 1627 and April 1628, a Portuguese naval squadron led by D.

Goncalo da Silveira set a number of neighboring coastal villages ablaze.

A quarrel arose in 1782 between the inhabitants of Zubarah and Persian-ruled Bahrain.

Zubarah natives traveled to Bahrain to buy some wood, but an altercation broke out and in the chaos an Utub sheikh's slave was killed.

The site comprises the fortified town with a later inner and an earlier outer wall, a harbour, a sea canal, two screening walls, Qal'at Murair (Murair fort), and the more recent Zubarah Fort.

It was founded by Al Bin Ali, main and principal Utub tribe in the first half of the eighteenth century.

The layout and urban fabric of the settlement has been preserved in a manner unlike any other settlements in the Persian Gulf, providing an insight into the urban life, spatial organization, and the social and economic history of the Persian Gulf before the discovery of oil and gas in the 20th century.

Covering an area of circa 400 hectares (60 hectares inside the outer town wall), Zubarah is Qatar’s most substantial archaeological site.

The Al Bin Ali were the original dominant group controlling the town of Zubarah on the Qatar peninsula, they were a politically important group that moved backwards and forwards between Qatar and Bahrain, The town soon became a favorite transit point for traders after the Utub abolished trade taxes.

The town's prosperity further increased after the 1775–76 Persian occupation of Basra when merchants and other refugees fleeing from Basra settled in Zubarah.

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