Quicken not updating capital one

I did both the steps before the required date, and then after.

I continue to get an error message every time I try updating ANY of my accounts in Quicken 2009 which effectively, stops ANY of my accounts from updating.

Check to see if the login information for the Quicken Web Connect feature matches the account number, customer ID and password listed with your financial institution.

An incorrect ID or password will prevent you from downloading transactions into Quicken.

Make sure your can access your bank account or credit card via their website interface. On most versions of Quicken, these reports can be accessed from the "Help" menu, then by clicking "Product and Customer Support." The CONNLOG is a basic log file that records connection attempts with your financial institution's servers.

The OFXLOG is a more in-depth log that contains account, connectivity and download information, along with error codes if applicable.

I followed the Capital One links that led me to here mention in steps 9 and 10 that you need to manually disable online billpay if you do not use it. Select the financial institution you want to update from the Financial Institution drop down menu. Press and hold CTRL F3 on your keyboard and click Contact Info.

You might want to follow these instructions regardless of whether you use it or not.

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As a Quicken user, you may encounter problems downloading your financial institution's data and transaction history, which is not entirely uncommon when managing multiple bank or credit accounts.

Temporarily turning off or allowing your security software to recognize Quicken usually resolves most connectivity problems.

Possible security issues that can affect the money management program include adware and spyware protection, Internet Explorer privacy and security settings, pop-up blockers, firewalls and anti-virus software.

But I wonder if you have checked your online account at Capital One.

Does Capital One have any messages waiting for you on your account Web site?

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