Racism in interracial dating dating field sally

After years of debating and exploring “Human Biodiversity” (HBD), a.k.a.

Just as Intelligent Design IS Creationism, HBD IS scientific racism. Which is why I cringe every time some Asian American male HBDer starts spouting off pseudo-scientific nonsense as if it were something brand new to the world.I’m under no illusions: I’m sure there are more words that people will share as the years go on.As long as there is an IR disparity, there will be PUA, and as long as there is racism, there will be scientific racists, so I know that this discussion will most likely continue long after this post.Far from being the product of irrationality, fear and hatred, racism developed in Europe as a prodcut of Enlightenment, part of a rational and scientific project to understand the world.” Contrary to the oft-heard-but-incorrect HBD proponents’ claim that “Intellectuals have not attempted to embrace the idea of HBD,” intellectuals started “HBD.” Only it wasn’t called HBD back then, and most of them were simply playing with ideas which were not part of their main body of work.D’Souza later goes on to discuss how many scientists and scientific racists back then were the same people.

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