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At the age of 70, he decided to get his pilots license.

John: KDAY, 1955-57; KFWB, 1957-59; KMPC, 1959-61; KLAC, 1961-63; KABC, 1963-73.

We did that for a long time, and…” She stops, leaving a long silence hanging in the air. Born in Dallas and raised in San Diego, she says she can recall her father crying as her mother drove away with her and her older brother, Richard.

She doesn’t want to say anymore, other than that they have found an accord. “But then my mom says that’s not how it happened at all,” she says.

While he was in his delinquent teen years, John was sentenced to two years in the Boys Republic of Chino.

Many years later, he became the president of Chino's Board of Directors.

Then, at the premiere, Foster invited her to a poetry recital. If you’re the head of a business, there’s a protocol that people have to follow. That’s why they’re successful.” Could she ever be a CEO? Her conversation is full of long pauses as she considers her answers, but she laughs a lot. “I started out doing daytime TV, and I didn’t want to go back there. “You’ll just have to wait to see what we have in store for you,” she says, with a wide smile, but reveals with pride that she directed one of the episodes herself. I’m a late bloomer,” she says, adding that she has also found new ambition.

When George passed away he was 74, besides radio, he was a building contractor, plumbing contractor and an ordained minister.Though she and Penn were together for 20 years before finally divorcing in 2010, their many separations and reconciliations became legendary, even by Hollywood standards.She met Foster during the making of the 2011 film Rampart, which he produced and in which she starred. And I worry about things too much.” There’s certainly an intensity about Wright. The material, most of the time, is better than a lot of film.” Wright is cagey about what happens in season two, which is about to start.Only problem: that job was at a small Country station, which no one listened to…Even ME! His nomadic jock journey took him to Indianapolis as pd for WNTR and later, was transferred to Memphis by Entercom.By age 18, I lucked in to an undeserved dream job, doing afternoon drive at B100 San Diego."When KTNQ became the high-powered "Ten-Q," Willie got the call to join the Top 40 station. He went on to WRKO-Boston and eight years at B104, the dominant station in Baltimore. "I left the country for a while, living in TEXAS..:-)." The “B” in Willie “B” stood for BOURBON Street (actually, he doesn’t drink! "I was actually on several Entercom stations simultaneously: afternoon drive in Indy, Madison, Memphis, etc." He cites several career highlights: voted ‘ Radio Personality of the Year’ in 1989, and several nominations for the same title with the Poe Awards.

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